Discover Ternant and its surroundings situated in an unspoilt countryside, criss-crossed by singing brooks. Ternant is located in southern Burgundy in the Nievre region on the border of the Morvan, a regional natural park. The village of Ternant has about 220 inhabitants. The local people mostly earn their living through forestry or cattle breeding. The beautiful Charolais cattle can be seen everywhere you go.

The Morvan Regional Natural Park is a craggy mountainous massif. It offers both natural and cultural heritage, and exceptional landscapes ideal for discovering the environment, developing “know-how” and practising outdoor sports.

Known as “The Lungs of Burgundy”, the park represents a large natural stadium offering a wide range of outdoor activities from trekking to biking, horse-riding, kayaking and rafting. Morvan is also an area of history and tradition. Vezelay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a departure point for Compostelle paths. Morvan offers a network of very different museums and eco-museums around the theme of “Exchanges and Migration”. It also hosts series of festivals, shows and events throughout the year.

Ternant is also an excellent starting point for a wine tasting tour. Within a radius of 100 km, you will find several famous wine regions like the Côte d’Or (Burgundy wine), Chablis, Mâcon and Beaujolais.

 Triptych from Ternant

In the center of the village you will find the church of St. Roch. The church contains two superb triptych altar pieces from the 15th century. We frequently visit the church to enjoy the beauty of these wonderful pieces of art; they are the pride of our village!

The Castle of Ternant

Ternant has a long history. In the middle ages the castle stood in the centre of the village but was later demolished and rebuilt in the 18th century. Some years ago, two Belgian architects bought the castle and started rennovations to replicate its 18th century style using old images and maps of the castle. The work is progressing very slowly, but in the end it will be beautiful.


The beautiful surroundings of Ternant immediately invite you to go for a hike. The tourist office has supplied maps of about 40 hikes with lengths ranging from 4 to 18 kilometres. Every hike starts from the middle of a village and from Ternant itself you can begin two hikes. But the hiking possibilities are endless and you will continually be surprised by the beautiful views and varying landscapes.


Discovering the surroundings of Ternant by bike has its own charm. Nearby Ternant the hilly area presents a challenge for every cyclist. Do you prefer the flatter landscape? In that case, you could follow a cycle route along one of the canals; for example the Canal de Nivernais that leads from Decize to Cercy-la-Tour. During your trip you can enjoy some of these stunning views.


In La Nocle-Maulaix (6 km from Ternant) there is a lake laden with fish, ideal for anglers. You can also angle in the Loire River or the Allier River.


Nearby Ternant you will find two high quality golf courses, one in Bourbon-Lancy (18 km) and one in Autun (45 km). Bourbon-Lancy has a 9 holes golf course, simple but high quality. The golf course in Autun has 11 holes. This particular course offers a challenge to the more experienced golfer. Both courses are situated in beautiful french landscape with a lot of wonderful views. (See the picture on the right from the Autun course. This is why golfing visitors in France often say Burgundy is the land of fine wines, fine cuisine and golf!)


The surroundings of Ternant offer something for everyone, and for children there are plenty of possibilities. Click on Tours for more information.

Cities in the neighbourhood


14 km from Ternant is a little town called Luzy and a visit here is very enjoyable and relaxing. At the weekly Friday morning market, farmers from the neighbourhood are offer all kinds of vegetables and homemade cheeses. We highly encourage you to also visit the art market during the summer.

Luzy offers general provisions such as banking, pharmacies, family doctors, garages, supermarkets, etc., etc.


18 km from Ternant you will find Bourbon-Lancy, a rural town on the Loire River with a walled medieval area on the dominant hill. It boasts an authentic medieval belfry, wooden frame houses and fortifications which date back from 1495. Bourbon-Lancy also has a spa where you can take a relaxing curing bath. It also offers general provisions such as banks, pharmacies, garages, supermarkets, etc., etc.


Decize is 35 km from Ternant and here you can find the nearest hospital. Decize also has a charming mediaeval town that sits on a rocky island in the middle of the Loire River. Here you can discover some architectural gems, including Le Couvent des Minimes which houses a marvellous Roman chapel and Eglise Saint-Are with a choir that dates back to the 11th century. Throughout the year events are organized, such as one of the largest fairs in France and a huge flea market.


45 km west of Ternant you will find Moulins, the capital of the Allier region. Moulins has a splendid old town. North and south of the city are large shopping malls with hyper-marchés (giant supermarkets), home-furnishing, DIY stores, etc., etc.


The historic city Autun is situated 45 km east from Ternant. The history of this town goes back to the Roman ages, but you can also find traces from the middle ages in various buildings: a roman theatre, a medieval cathedral and an Italian-style modern theatre.


Nevers is the capital of the Nièvre region. The city suffered from the bombings during world war two but the cathedral has been beautifully restored and the modern stained windows are especially splendid.